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Culinary Tourism Alliance

550 Bayview Avenue, Suite 402

Toronto, ON   M4W 3XE


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Food Tourism

Travel experiences where a person learns about or consumes food that reflects the history, heritage, and culture of a place.

Food tourism includes the active pursuit of unique and memorable eating and drinking experiences as well as agritourism experiences that connect what is being grown and produced in an area to what is being prepared and enjoyed by locals.

Food and drink can enrich virtually any tourism experience.


Food tourism development is the process by which a destination seeks to maximize the economic potential of its local food system through tourism-related activities.

Food tourism can play a significant role in preserving local heritage while building on existing tourism assets and driving innovation. By increasing visitor demand for local food and drink, food tourism contributes to the long-term sustainability of local agriculture, food systems, communities, and culture. 


The Culinary Tourism Alliance was established in 2006 to implement the 2005-2015 Ontario Culinary Tourism Strategy and Action Plan on behalf of the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Sport. In 2011, we incorporated as a not-for-profit industry organization devoted to supporting the growth and development of food tourism.


Grow Food Tourism is a mission-based social enterprise consultancy operated by the Culinary Tourism Alliance. We’re committed to bridging the gap between the food & drink and travel industries. We do this by working with communities to grow food tourism by leveraging the history, heritage, and culture behind the food and drink that makes their destination unique.


Food tourism is a sustainable contributor to local economies in destinations worldwide.


To support communities of all shapes and sizes to harness the growth potential that food tourism brings.


Integrity – Diversity – Inclusion – Authenticity – Sustainability